Macbeth, sonne of Douada

This little snippet comes from John Monipennie’s Certaine matters concerning the realme of Scotland (1597). Although it is traditional to assume that Shakespeare used Raphael Holinshed’s Chronicles as the chief source for his history plays, Monipennie’s chronology was also in circulation at the time of the composition of Macbeth, and it is possible Shakespeare may have owned a copy. The following chronology of Scottish Kings might be of note to anyone who ever wondered what happened in Scotland after Burhnam Wood came to Dunsinane.

Duncane, the first, sonne of Beatrix, daughter of Malcolme the second, began to raigne in the yeere of Christ 1034. A good and a modest Prince. He was slaine by Macbeth traiterously, in the sixth yeere of his raigne.

Macbeth, sonne of Douada, daughter of Malcolme the second, began his raigne in the yeere of Christ 1040. In the beginning of his raigne he behaved himselfe as a good and just Prince, but after, he degenerated into a cruell Tyrant. He was slaine in battell by his Successor Malcolme the third, in the seventeenth yeere of his raigne.

Malcolme the third, surnamed Cammoir, sonne of Duncane the first, began to raigne in the yeere of Christ 1057. A very religious and valiant Prince: he married Margaret, daughter to Edward surnamed the Out-law, sonne to Edward surnamed Iron-side, King of England, a very good and religious woman, according to those times, who bore unto him sixe sonnes and two daughters. The sonnes were Edward the Prince, Edmond Etheldred, Edgar, Alexander, David. The daughters were Mathildis or Maud, surnamed Bona, wife to Henrie the first, surnamed Beauclearke, King of England, the sonne of William the Conquerer of England… The other daughter was Marie, wife to Eustathius, Earle of Boloigne.’

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