Blood-sucking Doggs

A sad Account of the unhappy and deplorable Torture, and terrible Death of Mr Parker, a Tobacconist (1700).

Mr Parker, an eminent Tobacconist, on Friday the 6th this instant, was Invited to the eating of a Pigg at Elford, where he went accordingly with some others, and was very Merry till towards the Evening, at which time severall of the Company (being Londoners) accompanied him to Kingsland where they set up their Horses, when after having Drank together, and growing towards ten of the Clock, and it being very Dark, they thought it advisable to walk over the field with him, where they took their leave of him; desiring him to give them notice by a Hallow or such like noise when he was over the Green. After he was about the middle, and thinking himself past all Danger, he gave them the appointed signal, which his friends hearing, bid him good Night. But the unfortunate Mr Parker had with his lowd speaking roused 3 great Doggs belonging to a Cowkeeper, who came rushing upon him with such Sudden Fury that he was no longer able to defend himself from their unmerciful Jaws, for he having but a small Stick in his Hand, and all three tore his Legges and Armes in a sad and dreadful manner.

He with great difficulty got his Knife out of his Pocket, and Kill’d the Bull Bitch with it, but the Spaniel at the same instant gripped him by the Wrist with such Violence that he could not hold the Knife any longer, and let it fall out of his Hand. Thereupon he was forced to submit to their ravenous and devouring fury; they lay Tareing and Sucking his Blood till 2 a Clock the next morning, at which time Justice Tisson’s Lady, hearing his groans and Noises, awaked her Husband, who immediately call’d up his Servant and ordered them to Arm themselves & see what was the matter; coming upon the Green, they found to their wonderful amazement the unfortunate Mr Parker almost torn in pieces, the great Mastiff lying knawing his flesh, and sucking his blood. Notwithstanding all the care of several skillful Surgeons, Mr Parker continued in great Pain and Torture from Saturday the 7th till Monday morning last about 9 of the Clock, at which time he expired, to the great Grief of all his sorrowful Relations.

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  • October 30, 2009 - 11:51 am | Permalink

    I wonder if there are any historical instances of a pack of cats attacking a person? I shall investigate further.

  • October 29, 2009 - 5:35 pm | Permalink

    I assure you madame, this behaviour does not reflect upon the behavior of MY dog, who would, undoubtedly, have come to the aide of the poor unfortunate gentleman. As for my cat….

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