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These snippets come from an advertisement from 1690.  The astonishing D Woodward not only has the gift of second sight, he is also able to cure every disease known to man with his pills & diet-drinks.

Honest Invitation: At the sign of the Globe, over against the Cheshire-cheese in Arundel-street, by St.Clements Church in the Strand, lives D WOODWARD, professor of Astrology & Physick; who:

In Astrology, Resolveth Questions as what part of the World, City, or Country is best to live in? Life, whether long or short, happy or unhappy? One absent, if alive or dead? Servants or Lodgers, if trusty or not?  If good to hire, or buy the House, Ship, or Land desired? Money owing, if recoverable? Whether a Woman be with Child? Or ever shall have Children? Law suits, what shall overcome? What manner of Person one shall marry? If have the party desired? If attain the Office or Place of Preferment? One diseased, if curable or not? Or any other legal Demand, that depends on the Rules of Astrology. He also calculateth Nativities, and teacheth the Art in all its parts, as may be seen in his Almanacks yearly published.

2.In PHYSICK; You may have his advice and Medicines ready prepared for the Cure of several diseases. His Balsamick Pills, which are infallibly good in the Cure of the SCURVY, Dropsy, Head aches, Melancholy, Sleepy Evil, Giddiness in the Head, Dulness of Hearing, Dimness of Sight, Madness, Jaundice, Agues, Sore Eyes, Fevers, Stinking Breath, Want of Appetite, Green-sickness, Pains in Stomach, Liver, Spleen, Griping in the Breast, Bowels or Joynts. Opens obstructions of the Bladder, cures Barrenness, help fits, quickens the Senses, clear the Sight, add a good Colour to the Face; purify, cleanse and sweetens the Blood. In a word these Pills are cheap, safe, easie, and approved help for most Diseases happening to Man, Woman, or Child, as hundreds can testify. Price of the whole Box 3s. of that Half Box 1s.6d with Directions.

Pills also prepared for the Cure of CLAPS, French POX.  With these Pills, his Diet-drinks (and other Antidotes against the POX) many have been cured. But the Pills have cured many persons and the Diet-Drinkes and Antidotes omitted. If been trading with any unclean Person, take of these Pills in time, they prevent as well as cure.  Price 2s the Box, with Printed Directions.

His Hours are from 10 in the Morning till 7 at Night. With Allowance.

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