To make the best Sausages that ever was

These fragments come from a household cookery book dated 1656.

To Fricase Sheep-feet:
Take Sheeps feet, slit the bone, and pick them very clean, then put them in a Frying-pan, with a Ladlefull of strong Broth, a piece of Butter, and a little Salt; after they have fryed a while, put to them a little Parsley, green Chibals, a little young Speremint and Tyme, all shred very small, and a little beaten Pepper; when you think they are fryed almost enough, have lear made for them with the yolks of two or three Eggs, some Gravy of Mutton, a little Nutmegg, and juyce of a Lemon wrung therein, and put this leare to the Sheeps feet as they fry in the Pan, then toast them once or twice, and put them forth into the Dish you mean to serve them in.

To make the best Sausages that ever was:
Take a leg of young Pork, and cut off all the lean, and shred it very small, but leave none of the strings or skins amongst it, then take two pounds of Beef Suet, and shred it small, then take two handfuls of red Sage, a little Pepper and Salt, and Nutmegg, and a small peece of an Onion, chop them altogether with the flesh and suet; if it is small enough, put the yolk of two or three Eggs and mix altogether, and make it up in a Paste if you will use it, roll out as many peeces as you please in the form of an ordinary Sausage, and so fry them, this Paste will keep a fortnight upon occasion.

To make Puff:
Take four pints of new milke, rennie, take out all the Whey very clean, and wring it in a dry Cloth, then strain it in a wooden Dish till they become as Cream, then take the yolks of two Eggs, and beat them and put them to the Curds, and leave them with the Curds, then put a spoonfull of Cream to them, and if you please halfe a spoonful of Rose-Water, and as much flower beat in it as will make it of an indifferent stiffness, just to roll on a Plate, then take of the Kidney of Mutton suet and purifie it, and fry them in it, and serve them in with Butter, Rosewater and Sugar.

To make Cheese-cakes:
Take three Eggs and beat them very well, and as you beat them, put to them as much fine flower as will make them thick, then put to them three or four Eggs more, and beat them altogether; then take a quart of Creame, and put into it a quarter of a pound of sweet butter, and put it over the fire, and when it begins to boyle, put to it your Eggs and flower, stir it very well, and let it boyle till it be thick, then season it with Salt, Cinamon, Sugar, and Currants, and bake it.

To dress Snayles:
Take your Snayles and wash them well in many waters, and when you have done, put them in a white Earthen Pan, and put as much water to them as will cover them, then set your Dish or Pan on some coales that it may heat, and then the Snayles will come out of the shells and so dye, and being dead, take them out and wash them very well in Water and Salt twice; then put them in a Pipkin with Water and Salt and let them boyle, so to take away the rude slime they have; then take them out againe and put them in a Cullender. Take Oyle and beat it a great while upon the fire; slice two or three onions and let them fry well, then put the Snayles in the Oyle and Onions and let them stew together. Then put them altogether in an earthen Pipkin and put as much warm water to them as will serve to boyle them, and so let them boyle three or four hours; then mingle parsley, Pennyroyal, Fennell, Tyme, and such Herbs, and when they are minced in a Morter, beat them as you do for Green-sauce, and put in some crums of bread soaked in the water of the Snayles, and then dissolve in a little Saffron and Cloves well beaten; so put it all into the Snayles and water and let them stew in it; and when you serve them up you may squeeze a lemon and put in a Clove of Garlick; serve them up in a Dish with snippets of bread in the bottom.

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