Good Chockolett & good Combs

This fragment comes from a Perriwigmaker’s advertisement c.1680

AT THE RED BALL ON CORK-HILL, There is to be Sold, by JOHN CRIGHTON Perriwigmaker.

THE Rich Balsamum Apoplecticum which is made in Florence and some other parts of Italy; by anointing the Temples, Nostrils and the Roof of the Mouth it hath recovered many out of an Apoplexy to admiration.
By anointing the Temples and Nostrils it gives present Ease to the violent Pains in the Head: likewise very effectual against all Swimming and Dizziness of the Head; and very rare in suppressing all Vapours and Fumes from the Head occasioned by hard Drinking.   All which hath been experienced by many to their great satisfaction.
By anointing the Nostrils only, it is very rare against the Infection of the Small Pox, Spotted-Feaver and the Plague; and defends the Head and Stomach from all thick and unwholsom Air, which is often times the first cause of all those Distempers. It revives the Senses; and is a great Comforter of the Brain.
By anointing the Navel only, It gives present Ease to the Griping of the Guts; and is very rare in destroying Worms in young and old; which is very convenient for Children and others which can take nothing inwardly.
And very pleasant to carry in the Pocket, in regard of its Noble and Odoriferous Scent.
For Eighteen Pence a Box.

Nulla Notitia ut Experientia.

To prevent its being Counterfeited, it will be Sold only at the place abovesaid.
There is likewise sold all sorts of extraordinary good Chockolett and Chockolett-Almonds, at Five Shillings the Pound: There is also very good Tee to be sold: All sorts of right Spanish Snuff; and all sorts of Essences and Perfumes at reasonable Rates.
There is also sold the Queen of Hungaries Water.
All sorts of good Spirit Varnish at Six shillings the Quart.
All sorts of the best New Tunes and their Parts, at Two pence a Part for Violins, Flutes or Flagellets.
There is likewise to be had an incomparable Water to remedy Baldness, or to make Hair grow, never before made publick; and now exposed to Sale. It is almost infallible in bringing Hair on any bald place on the Heads of Men or Women: It is wonderful in making Hair stay on that is falling, and good to preserve Hair from splitting at the ends, and it clears the Head from all Scruff and Dandrith, which is a great hindrance to the Growth of Hair, and causes the Hair to grow to a knobby and unnatural Root; by reason of which the Head is never free from Itching, till these knobby Hairs are pluckt out; and the plucking of them is the great reason of Grey Hairs in Young people. It allays all Heat and Itchings in the Head. The using of it is very pleasant: It is not only good for causing Hair to grow; but gives present Ease to the violent Pains of the Head, and Tooth-Ach.  It is sealed up in Ounce-Bottles, with printed Directions how to use it, for Three Shillings a Bottle.
There you may also have extraordinary good Grey Powder, with very good Combs proper for the Head.

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    Oh dear god. Thank you for that.

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    “and causes the Hair to grow to a knobby and unnatural Root”

    I wonder if this does not refer to kerion, a fungal infection of the scalp.

    If you aren’t squeamish, see:

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