To prepare spunges for the face

Some late 16th century beauty tips.

Benjamin-Water, an excellent Beautifier

Take a pint of good strong Brandy, a pint of Spirit of Wine, half a pound of Benjamine, and a quarter of a pound of Storax, one ounce of Cinnamon, and half an ounce of Cloves, and four Nutmegs; beat the Spices and Benjamine, and putting them into the liquids, stop them up close in a strong Glass-Bottle, and let it stand upon Sand in the Sun, in the heat of Summer a month, and then pour it off, and clarifie it.  This cleanses the Skin of Morphew, Tandness or Sunburning, and causes a delicate complexion.

To prepare Spunges for the Face

Having chose the best and smoothest Spunge, and cut off what is superfluous, soak it, changing the Water till it looks clear, then dry it, and dip it in Orange-Flower or Angel-Water, pour over it a little Essence of Amber, then squeeze it but a little and let it dry, and it will be for your purpose, in Cleansing and Beautifying the Skin, far beyond the use of Linnen.

To cause a Fair, Clear Complexion

Distil Fumitory Rosemary-Flowers, and Scabious, each two good handfuls in a Pottle of White-Wine, and a quart of Dew, gathered off the Grass or Corn, with clean Napkens and Handkerchiefs, and so wrung out; keep it close stopped in Glass Bottles, and wash the Face and Hands with it, as there is occasion.

To make a Clear-Pale Complexion·

Distill the Blossoms of Pease Beans and Peaches, each a good handful, in two quarts of Whey, and wash the Face with it.

A Pomatum to Refresh the Complexion, and take off Pimples and Redness

Take half a pound of the leaf of Hogs Fat, work it well in Fair-Water till it is very white, then put it into a new earthen Pan, put in a quarter of an ounce of Copperas, two Pippins cut in pieces without paring, mix an ounce of the Oil of Sweet Almonds, and strain it through a Linnen Cloth into clean Water, and make it into a Pomatum, and with it anoint the Face.

To take away Freckles

Take the Gaul of a Cock, an ounce of Rye-Meal, a quarter of an ounce of the Juice of Hemlock, an ounce of Oil of Turpentine, make them into an Ointment, and anoint the freckles with it, and in a little time they will disappear.

A Pomatum, to Plump the Lips and Cheeks

Take an ounce of Fresh Butter, and as much Virgins-Wax, set them over a gentle Fire, and throw in black Grapes, bruise them with a Ladle; then put in two ounces of Orange-Flower-Water; bruise in a Porringer, the bigness of a Rean of Orcanet, allay it with a little Orange-Flower-Water, put them into the Pomatum, and work them up together with a Spoon, and put it up for your use.

A Liquid Past, to Wash the Hands without Water

Take of bitter Almonds a pound, bruise them well in a Stone Mortar, till no Lumps remain, wet it with a little Milk, and make it into a Paste, beat the Crumbs of Whitebread with a little Milk, and put these with the Yolks of Eggs without a Tread into the Morter to the Paste; take white Lead, and as much of burnt Bone, mix them over a gentle fire, to a thickness, lay them on the Strainer, beat them up yet more, and then boil them till thick, and keep them for use.


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