The Will of William Shakespeare

These fragments are extracts from Shakespeare’s will

In the name of god Amen, I William Shackspeare, of Stratford upon Avon in the countrie of Warr[ickshire], gent., in perfect health and memorie, God be praysed, do make and ordaine this my last will and testament in manner and forme following, that is to saye, first, I commend my soule into the hands of God my Creator, hoping and assuredlie believing, through the onelie merites, of Jesus Christe my Saviour, to be made partaker of life everlastinge, and my body to the earth whereof it is made.

I give and bequeath unto my daughter Judyth one hundred and fiftie poundes (£14,400) of lawfull English money, to be paid unto her in the manner and forme following, that is to saye, one hundred poundes in discharge of her marriage portion within one yeare after my decease. One copiehold tenement, with the appurtenances, lyeing and being in Stratford upon Avon aforesaied in the saied countrye of Warr., being parcell or holden of the mannor of Rowington, unto my daughter Susanna Hall and her heires for ever.

I give and bequeath unto my said daughter Judith one hundred and fiftie poundes more, if she or any issue of her bodie be living at the end of three yeares next ensueing the day of the date of this my will, during which time my executours are to pay her consideration from my decease according to the rate aforesaied. And if she die within the said tearme without issue of her body, then I doe give and bequeath one hundred poundes thereof to my niece Elizabeth Hall, and the fiftie poundes to be sett fourth by my executours during the life of my sister Joane Harte. And the use and proffitt thereof cominge shall be paid to my saied sister Jone, and after her decease the saied shall remaine amongst the children of my saied sister, equallie to be divided amongst them.

Unto her three sonnes, William Harte, —- Hart, and Michaell Harte, five pounds (c.£500) a piece, to be paid within one yeare after my decease.  I give and bequeath unto Elizabeth Hall, all my plate, except my silver and gilt bowl, that I now have at the date of this my will.  I give and bequeath unto the poore of Stratford aforesaied ten poundes; to Mr. Thomas Combe, my sword; to Thomas Russell esquire five poundes; and to Francis Collins, of the borough of Warr. in the countie of Warr. gentleman, thirteene poundes, sixe shillinges, and eight pence (c £1200), to be paied within one yeare after my decease. I give and bequeath to [Mr. Richard Tyler the elder] Hamlett Sadler xxvj.8 (£26 8 shillings – £2,500). to buy him a ringe; to William Raynoldes gent., xxvj.8 to buy him a ringe; to my godson William Walker xx8. in gold; to Anthonye Nashe gent. xxvj.8 [in gold]; and to my fellowes John Hemynges, Richard Brubage, and Henry Cundell, xxvj.8 a peece to buy them ringes,

I give, will, bequeath, and devise, unto my daughter Susanna Hall, for better enabling of her to performe this my will, and towards the performance thereof, all that capital tenemente with the appurtenaunces, in Stratford aforesaid, called the New Place, wherein I nowe dwell, and two messages or tenementes with thappurtenaunces, lying, and being in Henley streete, within the borough of Stratford aforesaied. And all my barnes, stables, orchardes, gardens, landes, tenementes, and hereditamentes, whatsoever, lying, and being, or to be had, received, perceived, or taken, within the townes, hamletes, villages, fieldes, and groundes, of Stratford upon Avon, Oldstratford, Bushopton, and Welcombe, or in anie of them in the saied countie of Warr. And also all that tenemente with the appurtenaunces, wherein one John Robinson dwelleth, lying and being, in the Blackfriers in London, nere the Wardrobe. And all my other landes, tenementes, and hereditamentes whatsoever.

I give unto my wife my second best bed with the furniture  I give and bequeath to my said daughter Judith my broad silver gilt bowl. All the rest of my goodes, chattel, leases, plate, jewels, and household stuffe whatsoever, after my debts and legasies paid, and my funerall expenses dischardged, I give, devise, and bequeath to my sonne in lawe, John Hall gent., and my daughter Susanna, his wife, whom I ordaine and make executours of this my last will and testament. And I do intreat and appoint the said Thomas Russell esquire and Francis Collins gent. to be overseers hereof, and doe revoke all former wills, and publishe this to be my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto put my [seale] hand, the daie and yeare first abovewritten.

Witnes to the publyshing
hereof    Fra: Collyns
Julyus Shawe
John Robinson
Hamnet Sadler
Rovert Whattcott

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