Two or three egges everie morning

Taken from an Elizabethan medical book, ‘set foorth for the great benefit and comfort of the poorer sort of people that are not of abilitie to go to the physitions’, today’s fragments are a selection of household remedies for managing the symptoms of syphilis.

Take Liverwoort, Sorell, Balme, and Succory, one ounce and seeth these in quart of Whay, having been well clarified, and let the Patient Drinke halfe a pynt thereof at the least, every morning.

Take a good quantity of Oatemeale, and beate it verie smalle, and put it into a quart of new milke, & seeth it, and put therein a good quantitie of Sugar, and when it is well boyled, straine it, and let the Patient eate the milk, and this will helpe him without all doubt.

Take Venice Turpentine, and wash it cleane, in these waters following, Viz. in Plantine water, in Red-rose water, and in water of Licquorice, and when you have washed it verie well, then take the Turpentine, and seeth it with as much white Masticke, & when it is sodden enough it will breake to a powder, it is easily perceived uppon a knives poynt, then take halfe an ounce of Nutmegs beaten to powder, & put to it the like quantitie of the powder of Venice Turpentine, and halfe an ounce of white Sugar, and mingle them verie well together, then let the Patient put a quantitie of this powder into an Egge or two which must bee but reare rosted, and so let him supp it of, and let him eate nothing for the space of an houre after, but if hee eate twoo or three of these Egges everie morning so dressed, it will bee the better, untill such time as he be whole, & then let him drink halfe an ounce of Red-rose water, & halfe an ounce of Plantine water, after such time as he hath eaten his last Egge.
Note that hee must eate Two of these Egges aforesayde in his bed before hee doe arise in the morning, and the third one houre after that he is risen up out of his bedde, and after the space of one houre more, he must drinke the water above saide, and then he must walke a good while after it.

Take two new laide Eggs, & put the whites of them awaye cleane, and set them in the fire, untill they bee bloud warme, then take halfe a Nutmegge, & a good peece of Suger Candie, & a pretty quantitie of Currall finely beaten to powder, then take a litle Cinamon & Amber, of each of them a like quantitie, & mixe all these together, & put them into the Egge, and let the Patient suppe it of, or else let him toste a peece or two of fine white breade, and poure thereon the yolkes of the eggs, and then straw the aforesaid powder uppon it, and soe eate it, and this will presently helpe him. This hath beene proved.

Take Wilde Time, and Parsely, of each of them a good handefull, & boyle them in a quart of strong Ale, and let it boyle, untill the one halfe bee consumed, and let the partie greeved drink the quantitie of halfe a pinte thereof at a time, every Morning and Evening for the space of Nine or tenne daies together, & it helpeth.

Take Woodbinde, Daysies and Plantine leaves, of each of them three good handefulls, and a good quantitie of the best english Honny that you can get, and a peece of Roch Allum as bigge as a Wallnut, then put all these together, in a quart of faire running water, and a good quantitie of Red-rose Water, and boyle them in an earthen pot, or Pipkin, and let it be close covered, for the space of halfe an houre, and then straine it through a fine linnen cloth, and then take of this water being luke warme, & with a sringe squirte it up into the Yarde [penis] of the Patient, and let the Pipe be put in, an inch or somewhat more, and let it be alwaies very stronglye spouted up, whereby the Water may goe beyonde the sore place, and soe use it every day three times for the space of one whole Moneth together, and then he shall be quite sound from this disease for ever after.

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    “squirte it up into the Yarde [penis] of the Patient,”Struth! That’ll learn em!

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