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Death Music Woodcut

Axe Murder Woodcut

I just had to share this woodcut. It’s the title page to A true Relation of a barbarous and most Cruell Murther, committed by one Enoch ap Evan, who cut off his own naturall Mothers Head, and his Brothers (1633).

Booze Entertainment Woodcut

A Dozen Drunkards

From the title page of John Taylor’s A Brown Dozen of Drunkards (1648)

I discovered this wonderful woodcut today. I particularly like the chap throwing up in the bottom left-hand corner.

Curiosities Death Family Love Woodcut

The London Damsel’s Fate



I just have to share this wonderful woodcut. It’s from 1670. It illustrates a ballad which laments the loss of ‘a handsome maid that was lately through the Tyranny of her Parents forced from her dearest, to one whom she hated, her Love for sorrow dyes; she being distracted through grief and envy, first drinks poyson, and then stabs her selfe’.

Here are her parents:


Wicked Parents


Court Monarchy Woodcut

Woodcut: Charles I

Lovely woodcut of Charles I returning home from Spain to the great joy of his father, James I, and the general population. I love the little details, like the hats being thrown in the air, the pointy spurs, and the man fetching celebratory ale from the tavern. It illustrates the text The High and Mighty Prince Charles, Prince of Wales &c, The manner of his arrival at the Spanish court… [and] His happy returne and heartie welcome (1623)


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