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Due to on going copyright issues, a copyright notice has been applied to all posts and pages at Shakespeare’s England. This does not indicate an attempt to claim copyright over cited texts, but instead, to assert copyright of the specific compilation of texts and images as posted at Shakespeare’s England 2009-2013. Research for many of the posts has been time consuming and involved many hours of work. While texts from the early modern period are themselves not subject to copyright, Shakespeare’s England asserts the right to retain copyright of any and all original posted research.

Under the terms of UK Copyright:

‘The act of copying or adapting someone else’s work is a breach of copyright. While work published on the Internet may be publicly accessible, it is certainly not in the public domain. Any copying or publication without the consent of the copyright owner is an infringement’.

This site and all images (with the exception of woodcuts and portraits) and information compiled within are copyright unless otherwise stated/attributed. No material may be copied in any form without first obtaining written permission of the author. The existence of the RSS feed or email subscription service in no way authorises wholesale or part transmission of posts or parts of posts to another site without prior permission being given and attribution stated. Any sites using RSS or email subscription services in this way without obtaining prior written permission of the author of this blog will be subject to legal action.

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